Getting Started

Setting up your Jobsoid account in just 4 easy steps.

6 articles

Job Postings

Managing your Job postings, Advertising on Job boards & Social Networks, etc.

18 articles

Candidate Management

Managing candidate applications, Customizing the recruitment pipeline, etc.

23 articles

Hiring Workflow

Assigning hiring managers to jobs, adding your team as interviewers, etc.

9 articles


Managing user accounts, Assigning tasks to team, Adding comments on Candidate Profile

13 articles


Sending email & text messages, Configuring automated emails, Managing email templates

6 articles


Create contacts in Jobsoid to manage external users and share candidates

4 articles

Campaign Management

Creating campaigns, adding candidates/leads to campaigns etc.

2 articles


Scheduling Interviews, Creating time slots for interviews, Video screening, etc.

5 articles


Linking Website Careers page, Adding Facebook Careers Tab, Connecting social networks

9 articles

Account Settings

Getting your account ready for carrying out recruitment tasks.

12 articles

Billing & Subscriptions

Downloading invoices, Subscribing to a plan, upgrading or downgrading a subscription

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