Managing Job Types

Jobsoid lets you set a type to the job opening you create. The position could be a full-time position, a part-time one or the one based on contract or could be one looking out for interns. 
Job Type is an essential field when you are posting jobs on various job portals. In addition to this, the candidates also have a clear idea about the job opening they are applying for.

To add a job type

Click on Jobs in the Settings section
Go to Job Types
Click on (+) New button on the top right corner, just below the navigation bar. You will see a text box under the Name column
Enter the desired text in the provided text box
Click on the tick icon to save

For example: If I wish to create a job position wherein I want my prospective employee to work from home, I shall create a job type as 'Work From Home.'

You can create multiple job types in Jobsoid. There is no restriction on the same.

Jobsoid also allows you to edit and delete a job type at any point in time. To edit a job type, click on the Edit icon. Enter the desired text in the active text box and save the changes. Similarly, to delete a job type click on the Delete icon. Confirm the deletion by clicking on the Delete button in the Delete Job Type message box.

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