Sending Emails to Candidates

Jobsoid allows you to send, receive and view emails in one centralized location, i.e., on the candidate profile itself. You no longer have to switch between your Jobsoid account and your email account to communicate with your candidates.

Draft your emails with the help of rich text editor of Jobsoid.

  • Format the text using various formatting style options.
  • Insert images and external links.
  • Add bulleted lists.
  • Attach multiple files in just one click.

To send an email to the candidate,

Go to the Email tab on Candidate profile
Enter the subject of your email message in the text box
Write out your email in the provided text area. You can make your email presentable using various features of Jobsoid’s rich text editor
To personalize your emails, click on {...} icon and add the desired merge fields
Click on the Pin icon to add files to your email. You can add multiple files in a single click
Click on Preview icon to preview your email
Save your email message as a template to be used in future by clicking on the Save icon
You can also use the pre-designed email templates instead of writing out a new email message. Click on Templates and select the most appropriate one from the drop-down
Click on the Send button to send the email

You can view every email that you send to your candidates and the ones you receive from your candidates in the Recent Activity section on the Candidate profile.

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