Adding Automated Actions and Tasks to the Recruitment Pipeline

You can fasten your recruitment process by adding automated actions and tasks to your recruitment pipeline. While you are moving candidates across different stages of the recruitment pipeline, Jobsoid can automatically send an email or assign a task to your hiring team using this smart feature.

How to add Automated Actions to a Pipeline Stage

Jobsoid sends out emails and text messages to your candidates automatically. These actions are triggered as soon as any candidate is moved to the particular pipeline stage.

These emails are typically used to send out Autoresponders or to notify a candidate the progress in the recruitment process.

Send an Automated Email

Go to the Email Template drop-down. By default, the drop-down will show you ‘Do not send Email’ option
The email templates belonging to the Workflow template type (the default ones and the custom templates designed by you) will be shown to you upon clicking on the drop-down
Select the appropriate email template

Send an Automated Text / SMS message

Go to the Text (SMS) Template drop-down. You will see ‘Do not send Text’ option by default
Upon clicking on the drop-down, you will see all the SMS templates of the Workflow template type
Select the appropriate SMS template

For example: Suppose if you add ‘Status Change’ email template to the Interview stage of your recruitment pipeline. Any candidate reaching the Interview stage will receive an email notifying him of the change in the pipeline stage. You can also customize these emails the way you want. Similarly, you can also send a text message to your candidates to ensure that they do not miss out on your emails.

How to add Automated Tasks to a Pipeline Stage

Jobsoid can assign tasks to your team members automatically on your behalf. You need to add tasks to the particular stage of recruitment pipeline. Also, you do not have to follow up with your team regarding tasks as reminders are automatically sent to the concerned team member when the task is due for completion.  

Add an Automated Tasks to a Pipeline Stage

Click on Select Task drop down. This will give you a drop-down having a list of all the tasks present on your Jobsoid account. Refer Creating New Tasks on Jobsoid to know about task creation
Select the desired task from the drop-down and click on Add button
You can add multiple tasks to a pipeline stage at a time
To delete a task, click on Delete icon beside the task name

Save the changes made to the stage by clicking on Save button.

Jobsoid also allows you to edit the pipeline stages to make changes as per your requirements. Click on the Edit icon to edit it.

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