Scheduling interviews for multiple candidates

Jobsoid allows you to schedule interviews for multiple candidates at a time with the help of Batch interviews.

Batch interviews will save a lot of your recruiting time. In addition to this, you can create time slots according to the availability of your interviewing team. Your candidates can then choose a slot that is convenient for them and confirm their interview.

Schedule an interview

Click on (+) New button on the Interviews page. This will open New Interview page
To schedule an interview for multiple candidates, select the Batch Interview option from the drop down

Enter the Start Date and Time for the interview. Enter the slot duration for the interview by selecting the preferred one from the drop-down. Also, select the time zone if you are interviewing candidates from a different location


Fill in the interview name (to help identify the interview) in the provided text box and choose the type of interview from the drop-down list

Add the interviewers from the multi-select option. You can have multiple interviewers assigned to an interview

To add candidates, click on (+) Add Candidates on the right-hand side of your screen. This will open Add Candidates window. Select the desired candidates by clicking on the checkboxes and click on Add Candidates button


Choose the interview venue or enter the address

Ensure that ‘Allow Candidates to Select Slot’ toggle is switched ON if you want your candidates to choose the time for the interview. Save the interview by clicking on Save button
You will be directed to the interview details page once you schedule the interviews

Creating interview slots

You can create any number of interview slots according to the availability of your interviewing team.

To create slots,

Go to the Schedule tab on the Interview Details page
Now, click on Add Slots on the Action bar. This will open Add Slots window
Enter the number of slots you want to create in the given text box and click on Continue button
The slots will be created and shown in the slots section on the left-hand side of the screen

Alternately, you can also create slots by simply double-clicking on the slots section. You can move a slot to another time duration by dragging it to the desired time.

Deleting a slot is also possible. Hover on the desired slot and click on the delete icon. A message asking you whether you want to delete the event will be shown. Click on  Delete button to confirm the deletion.

Allocate Interview Slots

Go to the Schedule tab on the Interview details page
Click on Allocate All button if you wish to allocate the candidates to the available slots. Drag and drop the candidates to allocate them to specific time slots
To create additional slots, double-click on the slot sections or click on Add Slot button on the Action bar
You can then send out interview invites to your candidates. To know more about sending interview invites, refer  Sending Interview Invites and Getting Confirmations
You can allow your candidates to choose a slot. Send out the interview invites directly without following step 2 and step 3

Note that you can also schedule interviews from the Candidates tab on the Job Details page.

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