Unpublishing Jobs on Various Job Boards

Jobsoid allows you to unpublish your jobs on various job boards in just a few clicks. You are not required to visit every job board to unpublish them. You can very well do it from Advertise Tab on the Job Details page in Jobsoid.

To unpublish a Job on certain Job Boards:

Go to the Jobs List page by clicking on Jobs on the top navigation bar
Click on the desired job opening. This will take you to Job Details page
Go to the Advertise Tab on the Job Details page. You will see a list of all free as well as premium job boards with a toggle switch which is set to ON
Set the toggle switch of the job boards where you do not wish to advertise your jobs to OFF
The jobs will be automatically unpublished from all those job boards

You can unpublish your job from all job boards as well as your Website Careers page and Facebook Careers Tab all at once. Click on the Unpublish button on the top right corner of the Job Details page.

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