Share candidate profile with other people

Jobsoid offers an easy way to share candidate profiles with people outside your organization. They are called as external users of Jobsoid. You can share the Candidate profile with multiple people at a time.


Open the Candidate profile of the candidate you wish to share


Click on  Share  button on the action bar. This will open Share window asking you to choose the contact you want to share the profile with.


Under  New Contact, enter the First Name, Last Name & Email Address of the person you wish to share the candidate with. This contact will be saved for future use.


Proceed to Step 7


If you have already shared any candidate profile with someone before, a list of their contacts will be available under  Existing Contact


Select the existing contact from the list by selecting the Checkbox associated. You can select multiple contacts at a time.


Click the Share button

This will send out an email to your chosen contact with a secure public share link of this candidate profile, which can be viewed without logging into your Jobsoid account.

These external users will be able to give their feedback by posting a comment on the candidate profile. These comments will appear under the Recent Activity on the candidate profile.

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