Using Email Templates

Sending an email from the Candidate Profile

Click on the Email tab towards the right-hand side of the candidate profile, and type in the subject, the body of the email and click on Send button. You can also type a draft in the same area using the available Merge fields and save it as an Email Template.

Next time if you want to send an email regarding the context of the saved template, then you just have to select the desired template and click on send button. The candidates can reply to your email and their response you will be able to see under “Recent Activity.”

Candidate Status change email

Candidate Status is linked to an email template. Hence when you change the candidate status, auto-mail is sent to the candidate notifying about the status of the application.

Open a Candidate Profile. Click on the current status of the candidate. A "Candidate Status" pop-up window will appear on your screen. Now click on the desired status that you would like to assign to the candidate. The candidate status change notification is sent automatically to the candidate through an email, and you can check the sent mail in the “Recent Activity.”

Note: Before sending an email, make sure that sending email is enabled to the stage where you are assigning the candidate. (To check this visit Settings-> Workflow-> Workflow Stages. If you see an Envelope sign corresponding to the workflow stage, that means sending an email is enabled. If not then click on the right arrow against the workflow stage, select the appropriate email template and click on the Save button)

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