Scheduling interviews for a single candidate

Scheduling interviews is a seamless task with Jobsoid. You can schedule interviews for a single candidate with the help of our integrated email and calendar.

To schedule an interview,

Start by clicking on Interviews on the navigation bar. Click on (+) New button. This will open Add Interview page
Select Single option to schedule an interview for a single candidate
Enter the Interview Name and select the type of interview from the drop-down list
Mention the Start and End date and time. Select the time zone in which your interview venue is located
Add the interviewers using the multi-select option. You can add multiple interviewers for an interview
Choose the venue from the drop-down list. You can also type the address in the textbox in the case if the venue is not saved on Jobsoid
Click on (+) Add Candidate on the right-hand side to add the candidate to this interview. Select the desired candidate from the candidate list in the Add Candidates window and click on Add Candidates button
To save the interview, Click on Save button

Once the interview is scheduled, you can send out interview invites to your candidates. To know more about how to send interview invites, refer  Sending Interview Invites and Getting Confirmations .

You can also schedule an interview for a candidate directly on his profile by clicking on (+) Schedule Interview on Interview Tab.

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