Facebook Careers Tab Integration

Integrate with your Facebook Page

To install the Careers Tab on your Facebook Page follow these simple steps:

In the Settings, Click the Web Integration Link under the Sourcing category.
Refer the section Facebook Careers Tab.
If you are already logged in to Facebook on your device, skip to step 5
Click on the button Connect Facebook. This will open a browser popup which will let you login into Facebook using your username and password. 
Click on the Install Tab Link. This will open Facebook in another page, showing a dialog Add Page Tab. This will prompt you to select the Facebook Page to add Jobsoid to. 
From the dropdown Facebook Pages, select your organizations Facebook page which you want to display your Job openings. If you don't already have a page, you will need to create one to display in this list.
Now Click the Add Page Tab button. This will directly take you to the Facebook Page you selected in the last step.
You should see a Careers Tab added to this page. This Tab will automatically display a list of Job openings published from your Jobsoid account.

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