Setting up Email Forwarding

Before signing up for a Jobsoid account, you are most likely receiving all your candidate profiles via email which may be flooding your email inbox. That's exactly one of the reason why we built Jobsoid - to keep your email inbox only for emails and not candidate applications.

Jobsoid Email Address for your Company

The first thing you must do is set up a forwarding rule in your email account to forward all emails received from applicants to the email address provided by Jobsoid.


An email address of this format will be displayed on the subscriptions page in Settings. 

Jobsoid will automatically extract candidate information from any attachments in this email and create candidate profiles using its built-in Intelligent Resume Parser. 

  • These candidate profiles will appear under candidates under All Candidates tab. 
  • There will be no Jobs assigned to these candidates and will need to be done manually.
  • Received Email body & Attachments will be available under Attachments on the candidate profile.
  • Resume parser has 90% accuracy rate. Some resumes may fail due to improper formatting, or non-editable content

Source Tracking

If you wish to track the source of your received applications, append the source name to the email address in the following manner:


This source will need to be added in Hiring Sources under Sourcing in Settings. If the source name is not present, Jobsoid will attempt to add the source automatically.

However, If you want to receive email applications for a specific Job opening, refer the article Receiving applications from other Sources.

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