Adding Custom Fields on Candidates

Custom fields are those additional fields which are used to ask for some additional information about the candidate irrespective of the job opening he is applying for. This information could be some general information about the candidate like his date of birth or his passport details etc.

To add custom fields,

Click on Custom Fields under the Candidates section on the Settings page.
Click on the (+)New button on the top right corner. This will open a Create Custom Field page.
Select the field type from the Field Type drop-down.
Set the Required toggle to ON if you want to make this field a mandatory one.
Enter the name of the attribute in the Attribute Name text box.
Set the Visible on Careers Portal toggle to ON if you want this field to be displayed in the application form.
Note that some field types are provided with the sort option. You can set the Allow Filter on Candidates toggle to ON if you want to sort your candidate profiles on the said field.
Click on Save button and save the custom field.

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