Managing your Hiring Sources

Tracking the performance of your recruiting process is important as it tells you about the bottlenecks in your hiring process and the areas which need improvement. Source performance report gives you a brief idea about the portals through which you receive in candidate applications.

With Jobsoid, you can set these sources to track the applications efficiently.

Creating a New Source

Go to the Customize section on the Settings page. Now, click on Candidates and Leads
Click on Sources tab. You will see a list of predefined sources on the Sources page
Click on Add New Source. This will open Add New Source form
Enter the Name of the source in the Name text box
Select the Channel from the Channel drop-down
Portal - Application received from various job boards
Social - Applications coming in from social media accounts - Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
Web - Applications received from your website careers page
Mail - Applications that you receive on your email client
Others - Applications you receive from channels other than the ones mentioned above
Select the desired color from the Colors drop-down. This is for easy identification of sources in the report
Click on Save button

Editing the sources

Click on the Edit icon beside the source name on the Sources page. This will open the desired source in Edit form
Make the necessary changes and click on Save button

Deleting the sources

Click on the Delete icon beside the source name on the Sources page
A message window will be shown asking for the confirmation. Click on Delete button

Note that you can delete only those sources which are created by you. Jobsoid does not allow deletion of pre-defined sources.

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